Since 2011, Mumbai rap artist, Buster Wood (better known by his stage name ‘Baby B’) has been steadily creating a name for himself on the underground rap scene. From shoutouts from Jadakiss to having the first viral Hindi song in the Indian rap market, Baby B is racking up accomplishments at a rapid pace that will no doubt eventually solidify him amongst the greats in Hip/Hop. BILINGUAL LYRICIST Baby B lives in India but was raised by his American father. He is bilingual and is able to rap with both skill and ease in both English and Hindi. Though he is partial to English, he is equally proficient in both languages. This ability to rap and converse in multiple languages gives him a universal appeal that makes him appealing to a greater mass of people. This multicultural appeal gives him a definite edge over the competition. JADAKISS SHOUTOUT Baby B’s talent is so evident that even rap legend Jadakiss recognized it. After hearing Baby B for himself, he DM’d Baby B on Instagram to give him his props. He even went so far as to have Baby B featured on one of his mixtapes titled ‘Who Got Bars.’ An aptly named mixtape, as his bars are one of the things that Baby B is using to make a name for himself. Baby B’s latest music video is for his song ‘Back On.’ The production on this track is flawless and highly polished. It accentuates his signature bars and unmistakable flow changes. His ability to switch flows with such ease is one of the key elements that make him so interesting. It keeps his music from ever getting stale or repetitive. LABEL, YOUTUBE, AND SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE Unsurprisingly, Baby B was signed to a record label. HOODBOY MUSICGROUP( Philadelphia) recognized Baby B’ s immense talent and signed him to their label back in 2012. For a plethora of examples of Baby B’ s versatility as an artist and skills as a rapper, one needs to look no further than his official Youtube channel, which already has 19K subscribers. It is filled to the brim with freestyles, music videos, and original tracks. He is so consistent with his releases which shows that he can flip on his creative switch at anytime and deliver high-quality music on command. He is also a verified artist on Apple Music, Itunes, and Spotify which makes his music immediately accessible to his old and new fans alike. He also has an ever-increasing social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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